The «Amulet» LLC specializes in the development of electric drive systems for vehicles of various capacities and purposes.

The company’s activities include the development, design and manufacture of electric drives and products based on them.

LLC «Amulet» developed a platform technology that includes an electric motor, a control controller and a battery.

Performs pre-series assembly of Deller electric-cycle engines based on the developed platform.

The goal of LLC Amulet is the construction of a modern plant and the launch of production of electric drives, controllers and batteries for electric transport. Spheres of the company’s interests extend to unmanned aerial vehicles, electric quadrocycles, electric motorcycles and electric gliders.

Advantages of the products of LLC «Amulet»:

  • profitable price;
  • increased range of electric transport on one battery charge;
    unique dynamic characteristics;
  • colossal power, complete with a low weight of units;
  • extended battery life.