Deller 250

Motorcycle DELLER 250 — cross-country electric motor cycle for extreme sports.


  • Noiselessness
  • The constant maximum torque is in the range of 0 to 90% of the maximum speed.
  • High efficiency due to direct transmission
  • Excellent controllability due to lower and shifted forward DH and the use of a steel frame
  • Absence of pulsations of the moment on the wheel
  • Lack of gearbox and clutch, easy handling, quick driving instruction
  • In the sports version, it is possible to quickly replace the battery.
  • Regenerative braking by the moment of the engine, the given effort of pressing of the handle of a brake.
  • Simulation of hydraulic brake control.
  • Ability to configure from the on-board computer screen several modes, for different levels of users.
  • Two-way gas handle:
    • course on oneself, torque adjustment
    • stroke in the opposite direction, creates a moment in the opposite direction (used for stabilization in flight when jumping and when reversing)


Max. Speed120 km/h140 km/h
Mileage on a single charge60 km150km
Acceleration to 100 km/h4 seconds
Engine power40 kW
Charging time from an ordinary outlet1.2 h3 h